J-STAGEに公開されました(International Journal of Affective Engineering Vol.13 No.3)

International Journal of Affective Engineering Vol.13 No.3がJ-STAGEに公開されました 。

Original Article
1. Cultural Differences in Perception and Attitude towards Robots/ Kerstin Sophie HARING, Céline MOUGENOT, Fuminori ONO and Katsumi WATANABE/ pp.149-157

2. Applying Rough Set to Analyze Psychological Effect of Mascot Character Design/ Sayaka ITO and Toshiyuki YAMASHITA/ pp.159-165
3. Gathering and Repetition of the Elements in an Image Affect the Perception of Order and Disorder/ Yusuke MATSUDA and Hirohiko KANEKO/ pp.167-173
4. Pose Generation System Expressing Feelings and State/ Tomoko EMI and Masafumi HAGIWARA/ pp.175-184
5. A Research of Preference on Patterns Styles and Color Tones Variations/ Fu-Ling CHANG and Shing-Sheng GUAN/ pp.185-195
6. Effect of Footrest Angle on Decrement of Leg Swelling while Sitting/ Hodaka YAMAGUCHI, Hiroaki YOSHIDA, Masayoshi KAMIJO, Goro FUJIMAKI and Tetsuya NARUSE/ pp.197-203
7. The Levels of Fashion Literacy for Fashion Design-related Departments Students in Taiwan/ Shu-Ping CHIU, Jui-Che TU, Wei-Cheng CHU and Li-Wen CHUANG/ pp.205-215
8. Understanding the Relation between Emotion and Physical Movements/ Tek-Jin NAM, Jong-Hoon LEE, Sunyoung PARK and Hyeon-Jeong SUK/ pp.217-226

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