J-STAGEに公開されました(International Journal of Affective Engineering Vol.14 No.3)

International Journal of Affective Engineering Vol.14 No.3がJ-STAGEに公開されました 。
Special Issue on KEER 2014
Original Articles
  1. Relationship between Jacket Comfort and Stiffness of Adhesive Interlining/ KyoungOk KIM, Chihiro SUGIYAMA and Masayuki TAKATERA/ pp. 137 – 142 

  2. Identification of Common Words for the Evaluation of Clothes’ Appearance and Tactile Sensation in Online Shopping –An Indicator for Producing Images that Express Clothes’ Textures -/ Tomoharu ISHIKAWA, Shunsuke NAKAMORI, Kazuya SASAKI, Keiko MIYATAKE and Miyoshi AYAMA/ pp. 143 – 149
  3. Investigation of Kansei Added Value in Book Publishing Filed by Using AR Contents/ Jue ZHANG, Yu SASAKI, Takeshi TSURUNO, Yuko MATSUURA, Noriko UTSUNOMIYA and Haruaki YAMAMOTO/ pp. 151 – 155 

  4. User Experience in the Threshold Matrix of Public Space – Design Intervention in a Complex Environment – / Awoniyi STEPHEN/ pp. 157 – 166

  5. Detecting Attractive Phrases from Musical Lyrics Focusing on Typical Expressions on Lyrics/ Ryosuke YAMANISHI, Risako KAGITA, Yoko NISHIHARA and Junichi FUKUMOTO/ pp. 167 – 174 

  6. Effect of Smell in Space Perception – Analyzing the Waiting Experience in a Room under Lavender and Orange Scents -/ Alejandra VILAPLANA and Toshimasa YAMANAKA / pp. 175 – 182 

  7. Fostering Trust-based Relationship between Self-care Users and Home Medical Device in Thai and Japanese – Research on the Methods for Incorporating Social Roles in Blood Pressure Monitor to Increase Thai and Japanese User’s Perception of Trustworthiness -/ Sittiphan JIYAVORANANDA and Toshimasa YAMANAKA/ pp. 183 – 191 

  8. Aligning Affective Responses with Fabric Features of Vehicle Seat: An Approach Using the Rasch Measurement Model/ Fabio CAMARGO and Brian HENSON/ pp. 193– 202
  9. Using a Kansei-driven Approach for New Concept Development Activities: What It Implies for Industrial Projects – Different Patterns of Design Activities and Design Information Conveyed -/ Alexandre GENTNER, Carole BOUCHARD and Carole FAVART/ pp. 203 – 213 

  10. Evaluation of the Effect on Viewer Recognition of Viewing at an Angle a Sign with Arrow Markings/ Masaaki KOYAMA, Yuki TAKAHASHI and Hisao SHIIZUKA/ pp. 215 – 221 

  11. Eye Tracking Based Analysis of Effects of Motif Composition on Impressions of Paintings – In the Case of Katsushika Hokusai’s “Thirty-six Views of  Mount Fuji”-/ Yuka NOJO/ pp. 223 – 232
  12. The Difference of Imagery Perception between Visual and Tactile Sensation/ Yung-Ting CHEN and Ming-Chuen CHUANG/ pp. 233 – 240
  13. Applying Eye-Tracking in Kansei Engineering Method for Design Evaluations in Product Development/ Markus KÖHLER, Björn FALK and Robert SCHMITT/ pp. 241 – 251

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