J-STAGEに公開されました(International Journal of Affective Engineering Vol.15 No.1)

International Journal of Affective Engineering Vol.15 No.1がJ-STAGEに公開されました 。
Original Articles

  1. Color Feature of Fast Fashion Brand Outerwear on Official Online Store/Qian XIONG, Hyojin JUNG, Saori KITAGUCHI and Tetsuya SATO/pp. 1-9

  2. Specification of Individuality in Causal Relationships among Texture-related Attributes, Emotions, and Preferences/Shogo OKAMOTO, Hikaru NAGANO, Kensuke KIDOMA and Yoji YAMADA/pp.11-19

  3. Effect of Colored Overlays on Reading Comfort in People with and without Meares-Irlen Syndrome/Shu IMAIZUMI, Haruo HIBINO and Shinichi KOYAMA/pp. 21-28

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